New Client Information

 If you wish to refer someone for services, fill out our referral form and fax to New Dawn

at 805-278-0781

These guidelines may be helpful to you in your interaction with a friend, work colleague, or relative you think could benefit from therapy:

  1. Consider the person's emotional reaction to the referral and approach with compassion
  2. Speak with the person openly, while being honest and direct without being judgemental
  3. Be specific-Share your observations of the person's behavior that lead you to conclude that a referral is advisable or necessary
  4. Avoid any negative comments or implications about personality or character
  5. Encourage the person to express their thoughts and feelings
  6. Respect the person's right to reject the referral suggestion
  7. If the friend, work colleague, or relative has talked about suicide or harming others, be clear with the person that you will need to notify someone in authority to help assist with the situation
  8. In serious and/or imminent situations you may wish to contact 911 to ask for assistance or accompany the person to the nearest hospital emergency room 
  9. Emergency Information

You will be asked to come early to your first appointment so that you can fill out necessary paperwork before you meet with your therapist. At the first session, your therapist will review our policies so that you understand the way our clinic operates. You will also have a chance to ask any questions that you might have. Over the course of the first few sessions, your therapist will get to know you and what your concerns are.

Therapy is a safe, confidential, and helpful way to address problems, find new solutions, and explore life choices. It is a joint effort between the client and the therapist. Progress and success may vary depending upon the particular problems or issues being addressed.

Know How to Refer Someone

What to Expect in Therapy at New Dawn

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT),
Registered Marriage & Family Interns (MFTI) and Trainees

If you are interested in any of our services, please call the front office at 805-278-0799.  We will discuss our programs and gather information about your needs. Parents who are seeking therapy services for their minor child/children, who are under the age of 18, will complete a phone intake on behalf of their child/children. Prior to an initial session with a child or adolescent, the clinic will require that consent for treatment is provided by the appropriate parents or guardians. Individuals age 18 and over will need to call the clinic and speak with our Intake Coordinator themselves.

Once the phone intake is completed, we will determine the services that are best suited for your needs.  If we are able to take your case, you will be contacted with an appointment time for your initial session. You may be asked to attend the first session with your partner, child, other family members, or by yourself depending on the nature of  treatment.  However, if we are unable to offer the appropriate services, we will provide you with alternative referrals that may be better able to address your needs.

​​Appointment Information 

​​​Office: 805-278-0799

New Dawn Counseling & Consulting, Inc

We can help you deal with:
Grief and loss
Eating disordered behavior
Parenting issues
Conflict resolution
Family & couple relationship issues
School performance issues
Stress management
Childhood issues
Anger & aggression
Fear & anxiety
Psychological problems related to medical conditions
And many other issues