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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will have access to child's information/records?

We are required by law to maintain privacy and security of your Protected Health Information (PHI). The assigned clinician and internal staff will have access to your child’s healthcare information. Should your child need additional services a release of information will be requested to have communication with other healthcare professionals (ex: physicians and psychiatrists). Your information will NEVER be used for marketing purposes or without your consent.

How would I know that my child is improving? 

You and your clinician will develop a treatment plan to help identify your child’s symptoms and guide his/her progress. You will meet on a quarterly basis or as often as needed, to discuss treatment goals and progress. We encourage that you set goals that are important to you and be honest with your feelings or ideas about treatment.  We also encourage you to contact the therapist if you notice any sudden changes in your child’s behavior or moods.

Am I doing something wrong?

Families reach the point where they are unsure if they can handle the problems themselves or if they need to seek additional help. Mental health services are here to help and provide you with the tools and strategies to address difficult situations and give you the support your family is seeking.

If my child asks why he/she has to go for treatment, what should I answer?

Both parents and children may feel nervous about seeking treatment and it’s important to be open and talk to your child about therapy.  Be honest!  Wait for a calm moment and talk to your child about what has you worried.  Offer compassion by acknowledging your child’s feeling and letting them know that you want to help.

How long will my child be in treatment?

This depends on the severity of your child's symptoms and his/her willingness to participate in treatment. Caregiver participation is key to good outcomes. The average treatment lasts for one year, but maybe longer or shorter depending on circumstances that are individual for each client.